The EVAC+CHAIR® is the original emergency evacuation chair. There are plenty of copycat competitors, but as usual, the original is still the best. Here's why:

Our evacuation chair is simple. It works every time. It is intuitive so anyone can use it, even without training or instruction. There are no complicated add-ons to break. No gimmicky features to snag or fail. It simply works, effectively, easily, and does what it was designed to do: save lives.
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IBEX Transeat Model 700H

The EVAC+CHAIR IBEX 700H is designed to go both UP and down stairs without any heavy lifting or carrying. The treads never leave the stair nosing and support 90% of the passengers weight. While the IBEX does require 2 people to operate it is portable, lightweight and requires no batteries or power source.

The IBEX 700H is ideal for:


Any building with occupied space below grade or basement level will need to evacuate UP in an emergency.


Perfect alternative to expensive stair lifts and track systems that need to be permanently installed. The IBEX can be folded up and stored in a closet and will work on any stair configuration and material.


EMS and ambulance transport companies can transport patients both up and down stairs without the risk of muscle strain, hernia and back injury.

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IBEX Tran-Seat 700H Stair Chair

  • Telescopic extendable handle for correct operator posture, whatever their height
  • Stainless steel frame construction
  • Compact storage with wall mounted brackets
  • Detachable covers
  • Adjustable patient straps
  • Adjustable brake
  • Quick and easy to open
  • Includes storage cover and wall bracket
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Width: 18"
  • Folded Size:
    Height = 43"
    Depth = 14"
    Width = 18"
  • Weight: 32 lbs.

See the IBEX Tran-Seat 700H in action:

View Demo of the Emergency Evacuation Stair Lift Chair