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ResQmat Demonstration

   The ResQmat is the perfect solution for the swift emergency evacuation of
  persons who are mobility impaired. UNROLL STRAP and GO.

  The ResQmat is used ALL over the world in Hospitals, Nursing Homes,
  Retirement Homes, Assisted Living, and Ambulance Companies….ANYWHERE!
  Quick and Easy to prepare for evacuation Allows ONE person to safely    
  transport another in emergencies Easily moves over ANY Surface across floors
  and down stairs ONLY Mat that easily adjusts to the passenger’s size. (one size
  fits ALL) Soft-absorbing head pillow reduces head movement going down stairs  
  Long towing straps at the head and feet for easy maneuvering.

  Distributed by EVAC+CHAIR Canada, LLC,
  Ontario Canada
  Ph: 866-480-3278 Fax: 516-327-8220 www.evac-chair.ca/resQmat.html