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We maintain an extensive inventory and generally ship within five days of receipt of order. Please include your street address and ZIP or Postal Code on each order.
ResQme Demonstration

  In any building over two stories high, if there is a power failure or a fire, the
 electricity is turned off and the lifts or elevators then cannot be used. It is 
 difficult and probably impossible, for people in wheelchairs or using Zimmer
 Frames or walking sticks, to walk down stairs. The ResQme can be used in
 office buildings, theatres, libraries, hospitals, schools, etc.

 Even if a  handicapped person does not work in the building, a handicapped   
 visitor could be in the building when there is a power failure or fire, and they
 will not be able to use the stairs to evacuate. When not in use, the ResQme
 can hang from a hook or be stored in a cupboard, ready to use when an
 evacuation is necessary.

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