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The STAIR+CHAIR® is the original emergency evacuation chair. There are plenty of copycat competitors, but as usual, the original is still the best. Here's why:

Our evacuation chair is simple. It works every time. It is intuitive so anyone can use it, even without training or instruction. There are no complicated add-ons to break. No gimmicky features to snag or fail. It simply works, effectively, easily, and does what it was designed to do: save lives.

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Yankee Stadium Selects EVAC+CHAIR for all Evacuation Chair needs..


Evac+Chair® of North America, announced the sale of Stair Chairs to Yankee Stadium, home of the New York Yankees, for use at all venue events being held at the most famous stadium in the world. The Emergency Rescue Chairs can be used in any building that requires a safe and urgent evacuation need for anyone who is incapacitated, or becomes incapacitated and cannot evacuate independently.

Evac+Chair® allows incapacitated person(s) to be placed into the Stair Chair and evacuated down the stairs in a safe, efficient and rapid manner. Evac+Chair® of Canada Evacuation Chairs greatly enhance safety in all evacuation situations for example, someone who is sick, injured, temporary or permanently disabled.

Evac+Chair® offers immediate evacuation options in emergency situations where seconds count. They are especially important in large sporting venues, such as Yankee Stadium, where first responders will have a difficult time locating and reaching incapacitated individuals. As Evac+Chair® of Canada, LLC is the maker of the lightest chair on the market and is designed for simple one person operation, there is less need to find an assistant with sufficient strength to operate the Staircase Chairs. In addition, Evac+Chair® Emergency Evacuation Stair Chairs are so intuitive to operate, that minimal training is required.

"We are very excited to be working with Yankee Stadium," said Richard Perl, Vice President of business development for Evac+Chair® of North America. "It is an amazing venue in time and history. Our hope is that there will never be a need for our Rescue Chairs, however if an unfortunate emergency does arise, we are proud that they are using the best Evacuation Stair Chair on the market.

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